About Voice

What is Voice Coaching and who finds it useful?

  • Voice Coaching is the practice of training someone to speak well.  By ‘well’, I mean making healthy and efficient use of the voice.
  • Vocal Technique is useful for people who are required to regularly speak within a performance context: actors, presenters, singers, teachers and client-facing professionals.  It draws upon release, relaxation and posture, breathing and articulation.
  • Voice and Text refers to the training of connection to the meaning of text.  It is useful to anyone seeking to present text in the form of acting, radio or television presenting, voice-over, a business proposal or speech of any kind.   ‘Audition Technique’ and ‘Presentation Skills’ are also included in this field.
  • Accent and Dialect coaching is applicable mainly to actors, but may also be practiced in the form of ‘Accent Reduction’, where clients have a desire to reduce or change their native accent in order to communicate more effectively.  I take an aural, kinesthetic and phonetic approach to teaching this subject.
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